Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Still Pregnant

Yes, we are still pregnant, the due date is Friday and we are ready any day now. I have tried walking and moving around a lot to encourage any sign of a contraction but to no avail. We are moving in 2 1/2 weeks so we really want this little guy to come in the next week, pray for us that he does please.

If you have any great ideas on how to get this little guy motivated to leave my uterus please leave a comment.


Maile said...

My sister gave my other sister a really long foot rub and she started contracting and didn't stop. There is a lady here where we live that swears by the foot rub, I guess there is some pressure point that can induce labor.
Let Alan give it a try!

Courtney said...

Yes, what Maile said. If you look online unto reflexology, I am sure you can find a chart to show you the exact pressure points.

fish family said...

I did Raspberry Herbal Tea (you may want to add a little splenda or sugar to sweeten) and then did the pressure point on my foot. Started me.

Stamp With Linz said...

I heard a doctor say the only real way to help labor along was the same way the baby got there. *blush* Don't you remember all of the preggo mommies talking about it at your friend's party in Feb? ;) Good luck, babe. Come on Nathan!!