Thursday, April 24, 2008

This is a little update of our week. After our visitors left we continued to do some more packing and Alan worked on his thesis. So, I ended up watching the boys by myself on Saturday. Sunday was the first Sunday in two years I could go to Relief Society in our ward, but I ended up going to the nursery to help out there anyway. I have to admit it was kind of a relief, I don't know what I would do in R.S. It has been a bit depressing this week because it has snowed a bit. This morning we woke up to snow covering our car, when will this snow end? The boys have discovered tent making this week as a result of the bad weather, these are a few pictures of them reading in their tent. They have also discovered that they can use our laundry basket as a boat. This they enjoy until they try to get out of the boat and tip their brother over. Last night, the boys were being pretty goofy and kept sticking their forks backwards in their mouths. It was pretty cute, so Alan grabbed the camera. you can see the moving boxes in the background along with all of our mess.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


We have had a couple of visitors this week. First Grandma Jane and Aunt Sarah came from Orem to visit. Jane has a cake decorating business and said she would teach a class in our enrichment class, so she brought Sarah up for a couple of days to teach the class and spend time with the boys. We had a fun time going to the zoo. Then, Uncle Robert and Aunt Marisa came to visit. They live in California and were coming out to get the rest of there things from a storage unit in Provo. We had a fun time hanging out and going to the park.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Congrats Alan

Alan recently received two scholarships for his outstanding performance in school. The Peter Kolesar Scholarship, which he received this plaque from Kolesar himself, and the Clyde Hardy Memorial Scholarship. He has worked really hard and it seems like it has paid off a bit for him. I think he was a little embarrassed that I am posting this but I am really proud of him.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

At the Park

Here are some pictures of us at the park!

more pics

Baby Animal Days

Every year in Logan the Western Heritage Center has Baby Animal Days, which is exactly how it sounds, a day when children are allowed to go see, and pet baby animals, or aminals as our boys like to call them. We saw lambs, goat and their kids, cows and their calves, big horses and little horses, piglets, bunnies, chickens, ducks, and also snakes, frogs and tiny little turtles. The boys were a little scared at first but soon caught on to what they were supposed to do and they talked about it for the rest of the day. We also participated in the candy cannon event where two cannon full of candy and toys were shot out into a field and then kids were encouraged to go get as much as they could, Jacob cried as Alan helped him get candy, Samuel saw a ball and decided not to get any more candy and just to play with the ball. But we had a lot of fun. We went with our friends Wendy and James Hillstead and Dan and Daniel Walker and their baby Olivia. We also got to see a sheep getting sheered with hand sheers it was interesting to say the least.

Pony Up

Here is a picture of Jacob and Samuel finally riding the horses at Papa's and Moma's. They have been scared of these horses for months and finally they decided it was ok to ride them.

Sammy Crocker

Samuel and Jacob were sick this last week and because of that and the fact that it was freezing this last week the boys were forced (by their evil mother) to stay indoors. I could only think of so many things that we could do with sick boys before I decided to do the unthinkable, let them into my kitchen. Some of you might know that I have a gate around my kitchen and my children are not allowed into the kitchen, but on this particular day I let the boys in and we made cookies. Jakie was very excited about eating the cookies, but as it turned out, he wasn't too excited to make the cookies. But Sammy was so excited to make cookies, but didn't really want to eat them. So I guess Sam can make them and Jacob can eat them. Here are some pictures of them and their cookie making experience.

Texas here we come

I first want to say that I am sorry to all of you that have been checking our blog and not finding anything new. I have to admit, we are a bit lame, but the real reason is that we have been busy figuring out what we are going to be doing in the next couple of years. And these last few weeks we have received a couple of offers for graduate school. After careful consideration Alan and I have decided to take the offer in Waco, Texas at Baylor University. We do realize that this might not seem like the greatest place in the world, especially with the history that Waco has, but we are still excited for the offer and happy to be moving on. (Only two more years of school, or at least let's pray it is only two more years.) So, we will be moving to Texas some time in August. For those of you who don't know where Waco is, it is an hour and a half south of Dallas and an hour and a half north of Austin, right in the middle of Texas. I just don't know how we feel about our children having southern accents, that might take some getting used to.

Thursday, April 3, 2008


The boys were very excited about Easter. Jacob was so excited about dying eggs that he dyed his own hand in the blue dye. They enjoyed not only eying eggs, but also their egg hunt. It was nice to spend the day with just our little family. Here are some pictures of the boys on easter