Thursday, July 29, 2010

Birthday Boys

Today was Jacob and Samuel's 4th Birthday. We started off the day with some pancakes that spelled out their names per their request.

I spent a good portion of yesterday making them this lightning McQueen Birthday Cake that they asked for months ago, so I went with the theme and got a tablecloth, plates and wrapping paper all in the lightning McQueen theme.

I have been really hesitant about getting the boys little legos because of all the small pieces and because I don't know if they are really old enough to build with them without me having to do most of the building. However we relented and gave Sam a small set of legos that he can build two cars and a gas station with, we will see how this goes. Alan was really excited because he loves legos and so he had no problem helping Sam figure out how to build them.
The boys got a ton of presents.
And this fun talking card from our friends Hallie and Jason, Sam was leary of it at first but by the end of the night we had to put a ban on opening the card because he kept opening it to listen to the message.

Jacob blowing out his candles.Sam blowing out his candles.
We got a knock at the door right before bedtime and there was a package from their Moma and Papa, Alan started in on building the castle they got from them and they were so excited about it that it took a lot longer to get them to bed than usual. Alan is now at work putting it together so that they can play with it tomorrow. He is such a great dad!

We love our little boys and are happy they had such a great day!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Rolling Rolling Rolling

Nathan is now 6 weeks old and it feels like he has always been a part of our family. He surprised us this week by making his first little milestone. Samuel and Jacob did not roll over (front to back) until they were about 4 or 5 months, I remember it so well because it was about 5:30 am and I was keeping the boys as quiet as possible so that Alan could sleep. Well Nathan is definitely a different baby than Jacob and Samuel, he is much bigger and apparently stronger because he can roll over. When I discovered this I put him on our ottoman because it is soft and luckily I was right next to him because he would have rolled off if I hadn't caught him. Here is a little video of Nathan rolling over. Ignore my high pitched baby talk.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fourth of July

This Fourth we didn't really do anything all that exciting, I got these shirts for the boys to wear so I had to get a picture with them wearing them. We did go to a ward activity in the morning where only about 15 other people attended, we were hoping to meet some people, and we did, but not as many as we hoped to meet.

Our next door neighbors were kind enough to let us watch their fireworks display, and there were a lot of other displays we could see through the neighborhood, one neighbor decided to do fireworks until 1 in the morning which we were less than thrilled about. I thought this picture was kind of cool because you can see the smoke from the fireworks.

Here is just a random picture of Nathan that I just took this morning for those who want more pictures of him.I thought this was a cute picture of Alan snuggling with Nathan.
Yesterday the boys woke me up yelling excitedly "Mom come to our room we have a surprise for you." These words can send fear into a mother, because more than not a surprise is not a welcomed surprise, I mind raced through the possibilities of what kind of surprise they could have possibly been working on. But oh what a nice surprise I found when I got there. The boys had worked together to make their beds without even being asked. They were really sweet all day yesterday too, so I hope they are starting to get back to their normal selves and settling in.

Friday, July 2, 2010

More Pictures of Nathan

Alan's Birthday and Father's Day

We were really excited to celebrate Alan's birthday this year. We made him a banner and got him a couple of presents. The boys also made him some homemade cards.
We cooked Alan one of his favorite meals and for dessert we had cheesecake with raspberries, yummy.

Father's Day we celebrated with another one of Alan's favorite meals. Here Alan is hanging out with all of his boys.
Sammy and Jakie made him some ties for Father's Day. They are liking their new Sunbeam class, but miss their Waco friends and teacher. But they were excited to give Alan his ties.
We love you Alan!

Nathan in the NICU

I thought I would post some pictures of Nathan's stay in the NICU to document it a bit.

Here is Nathan all hooked up to the machines. He had to be on oxygen for the first two days and then he was just hooked up to the heart monitor, oxygen sensor, and IV after that.
Cute Boy!
Mom and Nathan
Dad and Nathan
Papa and Nathan
Moma and Nathan

Nathan when we were taking him home. He is such a good baby, he sleeps 5-8 hours a stretch at night which is wonderful, and he doesn't usually fuss too much unless something is wrong. His brothers really love him and maybe smother him just a bit.