Friday, December 19, 2008

Something Funny

So a week or two ago Alan found Jacob and Samuel in the bathroom brushing their teeth in the sink. It was just too quiet and I knew something was up.

The boys have also enjoyed copying the things we do. For instance they like to take turns putting my purse on and going to the door and saying "See ya later, Gotta go, Bye Bye." It is pretty funny, but I don't think Alan likes the fact that they are carrying around a purse.

Another funny thing that Jacob has done recently happened first a couple of weeks ago. We were at Alan's school and Jacob kept saying crocodile, I want to go to the crocodile. We didn't understand him, we just couldn't figure it out. Then we asked him if he wanted to go with us on the elevator. And then he got really excited and kept saying alligator. And then it dawned on us. He pronounced elevator as alligator, but he was confused and called it a crocodile instead. It was really cute!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

All Aboard

I know we have blogged about our children's museum before, but we love it. There is tons for the kids to do and inevitably the kids will ask to go there at least ten times a week. Right now there is a Christmas train exhibit at the museum. We have been twice now. Here are the boys enjoying their time looking at the trains.

The boys really like the music room in the museum too. There is a giant piano and this giant cello. Jacob calls it his "mootar" we don't know where he got this from, but we assume it is his attempt at saying guitar. They are always coming up with the most random stuff.Sam enjoying a quiet moment with Mom. Recently he has been hugging us around our necks and saying Mommy/Daddy I love you so much. It melts are hearts to him every time. How can you get upset with a kid who is doing that?

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Deck the Halls and Noodles

For family home evening this week we decorated our Christmas tree. The boys were so excited!
Jacob and the tree
Mommy and the boys decorating the tree
We also gave the boys Ramen noodles for the first time. When I was a kid my mom would bribe us to be good with what she called Crazy Noodles. She would only let us eat these when we were really good. I didn't know until later that her Crazy noodles were really Ramen noodles and that other people complain about having to eat them. Aw the innocence of childhood. Our boys loved to play with them, they didn't eat too many of them, but they did enjoy them overall.


We had a wonderful thanksgiving with our friends Brad and Cassidy here in Waco. The boys loved playing with Brylie and Brody and we had a fun time eating and playing games. On Friday after a little Black Friday shopping, we headed to Houston. Alan's MTC companion Jeff and his wife Tahlia live in Houston with their daughter Lily. We had a great time visiting with them. The boys especially loved the trolley ride we took around the Woodlands, as we watched Christmas lights and saw the holiday shoppers. Thanks so much for hosting us!
Jacob, Samuel and Lily
Jeff, Tahlia, and Lily
Samuel and Mommy
Jacob and Daddy
Waiting for the trolley.