Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Bees Knees

So we discovered this week that we had bees. A lot of bees. We had to call out a bee keeper to find out exactly how many we had and what damage they made. The guy was amazing he found the problem by feeling around for warm spots and listening for the bees. This is where he found the bees, luckily they were not in between walls or somewhere extremely difficult to get to them. However he did say they went back in this area about 5 feet. You can see where they are here because it is the section without insulation, it is hard to see the bees and comb because he was using a smoker.

Here he is vacuuming up the bees
Just a small piece of honeycomb that he pulled out. He pulled out 20 pounds of unusable honeycomb and honey and about 4 pounds of honey with comb that was usable.

More comb
This is the comb he gave us, we extracted the honey from this and got a mason jar full. It was a crazy thing, we still can't believe we had literally hundreds of bees living in our wall and under our floor.

Samuel and Jacob turn 5

The boys were so excited to turn 5. They asked for bikes and they got them, they obviously didn't get to ride on them until they saw them in person in Texas, but they did get some bike helmets from their grandma which they had to wear right away.

Aunt Karen made them some fun capes
This is the wonderful Dinosaur Train cake Grandma Jane made for the boys, isn't it awesome

The boys wanted all of their family that could make it at their party. Uncle Richard, Uncle Braden, and Aunt Karen and their families joined us along with Moma and Papa, Grandma Jane and Boppus, Uncle Evan, Aunt Sarah and Aunt Audrey, and some of our friends, Liz and Rob and Wendy and James and their families.
We played games, ate food, ate cake, and played at the park.

The boys loved their birthday party and were so excited to have all of their cousins with them, thanks everyone for coming out.

Utah Trip part I

Our three week long trip to Utah was a blast. I spent the first half of it with the kids at my parents house. The first stop we made was to Smith and Edwards to tryout the saddles and hats.
We visited lots of family, here we are with Grandma and Grandpa Fisher

We played a lot of wii with cousins

We had a sleep over with Bryn, Cody, Abby and Macy

We visited the Trains at the Ogden Union Station

Nathan met his cousin Ethan

We hung out with Afton, Mei, Ben, Ethan, Richard and Courtney

We celebrated Courtney's birthday
Grandma Jane and Boppus visited us there
We played in some fun balls

We went to visit Grandma Montierth at her new home, the boys especially loved playing with the marble game

Nathan learned to drive

We hung out with our friends Clay and Broden in Logan

We went with Uncle Braden's family and Moma and Papa to a water park with Aunt Marilyn's family

We had a great time hanging out with the Montierth side

Utah Trip part II

Finally Alan joined us and we went down to Orem to visit with Boppus and Grandma Jane and all the other family members down there.

It was so nice to just hang out outside and play in the grass

we got to visit with Grandma and Grandpa Redd

we love our aunts and uncles!

We celebrated Grandma Jane's birthday and Pioneer day

We got family pictures taken with the whole gang, here is a cute after shot at the Timpanogos Temple
We went to the Bean Museum

Aunt Audrey got her mission call to Philadelphia Pennsylvania
And we went on a fun hike to Bridal Veil Falls

We visited the Dinosaur Museum