Saturday, June 5, 2010

Preschool Party and Bowling

Recently the boys finished up their first year of preschool and we celebrated at Chuck E Cheese with a little party with their classmates. It was one of the first times the boys had ever been to Chuck E Cheese and they loved it. We had a little awards ceremony with the families and the boys were really excited about it all.
Jacob opening up a little graduation present.
Sam with his present.

Since we have had Alan's mom staying with us to help us with the boys while I have this baby (yes I am still pregnant) we have been doing some fun things. One thing we did was go bowling with Grandma Jane.
Daddy and Jakie
Sammy and Grandma Jane

Here I am bowling in an attempt to get Nathan moving. I won by the way, kind of surprising considering my condition.
In preparation for Jane's arrival the boys made their own beds, it was really cute because they were helping each other and were so proud of themselves.

Now we are just waiting to see if this baby will come on his own or if I will have to get a c-section, which I am definitely not excited about.


Maile said...

What fun, I love bowling! Looks like fun, but oh I keep praying that you will go natural! Coming from someone who knows c-sections, I hope that you will only have had the 1 you already had.

Wishing you luck and praying for you!

K said...

Such a great outing. I am hoping that you have had little Nathan by today. Hugs.