Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Accident Just Waiting to Happen

Ok, so I think it is obvious that I am not a perfect parent, although my kids have only had minor scrapes and bruises for the most part (Sam almost broke his arm one time jumping off the couch) I know that being the mother of 3 boys sometime I am going to have to deal with some kind of major accident or something involving my boys and blood (I am not looking forward to this and Alan knows he will have to take care of this when it ever happens.)

I know it is inevitable some time in their lives, but now I am starting to think that Nathan is going to really give me a run for my money. This kid has been holding his head up practically since birth and standing since birth. If you have ever held him you know that he LOVES to stand. He started rolling over from front to back at almost a month and a half. Yesterday I noticed that he was starting to get to the point where he could roll over from back to front, but I really thought he was still a month away, I mean he is only 3 months old. Well, I should have taken what I saw yesterday and taken it to heart and not put him on the couch this morning and walk away. I was making breakfast and I heard him cooing happily and thought he was fine, but all of a sudden he started screaming, I thought the boys might have jumped on him or something, but no, he had rolled from his back to his front and then from his front onto the floor. He is all right, luckily the couch is not very tall.

But if this is the way things are going I don't even want to know what will happen when he is crawling at 5 or 6 months, with his brothers (who never look in front of them when they are running, they are completely oblivious to anything around them, especially little old ladies in the grocery store who they always seem to run into despite my constant attempts to warn them that they are about to run into someone) running all around a little crawling baby I can just see what my future lies. I feel bad for poor Nathan, but if he would just stop growing and stay my little baby then this would not be a problem, too bad that is not going to happen, he is already grown up so fast he doesn't feel like my little baby anymore. Well I guess all I can do is pray that he isn't injured too bad and try to teach my boys how to watch out where they are going.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Our Utah Trip

We have had a great two weeks with family in Utah. We stayed the first week with Minda's parents in the North Ogden area. The boys had fun with Papa and Moma doing all sorts of things.
Riding the big bikes with Papa
Papa's new tractor- the boys thought the ride was too bumpy but I think they thought the hydrolic arm was cool.

Nathan hung out with Moma while the bigger boys were playing with Papa.

We took the new Frontrunner train from Ogden to Salt Lake and hung out in Temple Square.

Jacob and Papa on the train
Samuel, Nathan and Moma on the train.
We visited a lot of family. Here we are with Grandma Montierth, Papa and Moma.
Here we are with Grandma and Grandpa Fisher.
We took a hike near Moma and Papa's house. The boys got tired way too soon but we all had fun anyway.
Papa playing with Nathan.

Moma, Papa, with their German visitor Anke, she and her husband Detleif spent the week with us there too.
Bubble time
Reading with Papa
We went to visit Minda's brother Richard and his family in Lehi. Here is cousin Afton holding Nathan.
We went with them (minus Richard who was at work) to the Dinosaur Museum and had a blast.
Papa and the grandkids.
Sam, Mei, Jacob, Afton and Ben in the front.
Playing in the dirt.
More dirt.
Making a dinosaur.

Next we headed down further to Orem to spend some time with Alan's parents and sisters.
Aunt Sarah and Nathan.
Grandma Jane with the grandkids, Jacob, Caleb, Gavin, Sam.
Aunt Karen with Nathan.
Grandma Jane and the grandkids playing baseball.
Alan spent a couple of days with us at the end of the week, here he is with Caleb reading at Karens new house in Eagle Mountain.
The Gunnell/Reid boys Nathan, Jacob, Caleb, Gavin, Sam.
We went to BYU one morning, the boys in front of the Y.
The Bean Museum.
Reading with Bopus.
Aunt Audrey and Nathan.
Bridal Veil Falls.

Napping with Bopus.

We also had Nathan's blessing at the Gunnells house. Here is Nathan with Grandma Montierth.
The boys with Grandma and Grandpa Redd.
Bopus and Grandma Jane with their grandkids.
Cousin Brady at the blessing showing off his lost tooth.
Uncle Bryce and little Carter.
Aunt Maile, Moma, and Leilani with Nathan, Aunt Karen, Uncle Chris and Great Aunt Susan and Great Uncle Jeff in the back.
Baby Nathan in his blessing outfit.
Our little family after the blessing.

We were grateful for all those who traveled far and near to be with us for Nathan's blessing and we hope everyone had a good time visiting. We already miss our family but are glad to be home with Alan.