Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Perfect Day at the Beach and Other Pictures

My first college roommate Tami moved to San Antonio for a couple of months and she came to visit us a couple of weekends ago. We had a really fun time hanging out at the park and going to the beach. The weather was beautiful, it was the first time the boys had been to a salt water beach.
Abby, Sammy, Jakie, and Kaiya making chalk pictures in our driveway.
The kids were acting like little ducklings holding Alans hand and walking back to our cars from the park.

The whole Crew: Tami, Jacob, Abby, Minda, Kaiya, Alan, Nathan, Samuel, Kevin

Alan hanging out with Nathan
Tami and I (Don't mind my horrible squint)
Kevin and Kaiya
The men and the kids
Our family minus Nathan who was sleeping
Alan was in charge of helping the kids build this sand castle

Tami and Abby


Thanks for coming guys! I also through in a couple of other random pictures
I had to get some things done and I asked the boys to watch Nathan for me for a minute and just let him sit in their playroom and watch them play. They threw a fit and so I decided for my sanity that i would put on a baby Einstein and let Nathan watch, well pretty soon the boys were right there next to him. I was hoping he would fall asleep but he really liked it and started screaming once it was over, at least I got a lot done in that half hour time period.
Nathan has started solids and LOVES them
Cute picture of Nathan
Our little BYU baby (even though BYU is doing terribly in Football this year)
Sammy and Jakie love trying on Dad's shoes

Friday, October 1, 2010

What we've been up to

So, we have just been hanging out around here, the boys started their new preschool which is once a week, this last week it was at our house. Alan has been busy working and I have been busy cooking, baking and taking care of three little ones. Here are some pictures of us hanging out the other night, the boys thought Nathan sitting in their chair was funny and I have to admit he looked really cute in it.