Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Photo Shoot




My friend Jennifer took the pictures and my boys loved hanging out with her son Quentin after the shoot

Father and Sons Campout

Alan took the boys on their first father and son campout and they LOVED it. They camped about a half hour from our house right on the Brazos River and the boys spent their time throwing rocks into the river and playing with their friend Shazer, and of course spending time with Dad.

Decking the Halls

We have been busy with all our holiday festivities and in all that business I lost the cord for our camera and couldn't download pictures, I finally found it and now you will be bombarded with all that we have been doing.

Raking leaves, the boys were kind of helpful, but Nathan was not thrilled with being in the leaves.
Thanksgiving dinner, it was the first one I did on my "own," our friends the Rustens also came to celebrate and they helped with some of the food too so I guess it wasn't totally on our own. It was all very delicious.
We put up our tree, this is the first year Alan allowed me to put up a fake tree, after last year with the boys and I having terrible allergies I guess he decided it was better not to have really grumpy kids.
Alan and the boys chillin.

Cute Nathan. Samuel, Nathan and Jacob.
Our heat went out a couple of times and it got pretty cold in the house we all got used to sitting around the fire. The boys really wanted to drink their hot cocoa by the fire.
We went on a fun hay ride with some friends to see some Christmas lights.
Our ward Christmas party was a lot of fun. Nathan dressed as an Elf.

There was lots of dancing and a fun time seeing Santa. I wasn't supposed to be in the picture.

We are excited to be celebrating Christmas with family in Utah.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Almost All About Nathan

Nathan had his 5 month birthday this week so I thought I should post some pictures of him. They say that your second child (in this case my third) gets a lot less photos of them then their older sibling as a baby. I don't know if that is the way it is with us, I was pretty busy with my first to get too many photo shoots. Nathan is a little more cooperative than his brothers were and for that matter he is more cooperative than they still are. But, just to make sure I am getting some pictures of him here they are.

Nathan is crawling. But it isn't the typical crawling you normally see in an infant. He crawls backwards and sideways mostly, occasionally he will go forward but usually right after he makes that attempt he will go backwards twice as far as he went forward. He also loves to do push ups by getting up on his toes but this often ends in a face plant. He is a very funny boy, and yes that is a long drip of slobber coming from his mouth.He doesn't like to sit normally either, this is his way of sitting, he will "sit" like this for minutes watching his brothers, he loves to watch them. They are quite entertaining and when they are not around he doesn't like it.

We got some pictures of Samuel and Jacob on this sheep skin when they were about this age and we thought it would be fun to do one with Nathan too.
I never really got a good shot of him in his blessing outfit, so I finally put him in it again and took some pictures, I know he looks really old to be in a blessing outfit but he still is cute.

All tuckered outNathan loves his feet, he has "found" them recently and plays with them all the time, sorry about the shadows I am still trying to figure out the settings on this camera.

Ok, so I said this is almost all about Nathan, here is a cute picture of the boys in their footie jammies. Jacob is wearing brown with construction vehicles and Sam is wearing white with Dinosaurs but the boys thought it was awesome that Nathan was wearing brown with dinosaurs it was kind of a mixture of the other two.

Their little feet.

These little boys are growing so fast, I can't believe how fast the time goes. Next year Sammy and Jakie will be in Kindergarten and Nathan is going to have to deal with being the only one home. They sure do love each other.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Festivities

We started our festivities out with some fun Family Home evening Halloween activities.
Alan trying his mouth at the donut/string game

Sam and Jacob liked using their tongues
I was the best at this but I think I had the best angle.
We tried bobbing for apples but only Mom and Dad were able to do it.

Daddy took control of the pumpkin carvingFinal result

Nathan in his dragon costume. Isn't he a doll!

Sam and Jacob with their Knight costumes
The whole medieval family with our little dragon.
We also made some fun ghost cupcakes.
We had fun trunk or treating at the church and the kids were most excited about getting swords and of course the candy. All in all it was a pretty successful Halloween, but we are glad it only comes once a year.