Wednesday, June 29, 2011

This Month Flew by

Wow, that went fast, but we have had a good couple of weeks. First we had our wonderful Audrey come and visit. We were so excited to have her and we did some fun things with her. We went to our pool, went to the beach, went to a fun store and restaurant, and just played and played and played with her. I am afraid we wore her out, but we were grateful she took her vacation to come see us. We love you Audrey!

Nathan woke up one morning during Audrey's visit with some kind of bug bite and he looked like Quasimodo for the rest of the day.

Nathan also turned 1 during her visit. We made him this sock monkey cake with a mini sock monkey cake just for him.
He likes cake by the way, surprise, surprise.

He got quite a lot of gifts from family, Sammy and Jakie saved for weeks to buy him some cars for his birthday. He really liked opening presents and seemed to realize they were for him. He still loves everything he got and plays with "his" stuff more than the old stuff we had from Sam and Jacob.

After Audrey left Moma came to visit. Here she is with the boys in their matching shirts. I took other pictures with her in them but they were mostly of her in her swim suit and I didn't think she would appreciate them on here.

Alan also had his 29th birthday and we celebrated by going to the Johnson Space Center.

The tram ride was a big hit. It was hot but the boys really liked seeing mission control and the big rockets. They have been playing space all week so I guess that means they had a good time.
These are just some pictures of the boys, they are growing so fast, I cannot believe they are getting so big. Samuel and Jacob turn 5 next month and go to Kindergarten in the fall so they are now learning how to read and that has been an adventure. Nathan has been teething and now has 4 teeth.