Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend

Since we will be a family of 6 in just a couple of weeks we had to get a new car, so it was finally time to say goodbye to an old friend, Alan's Mazda 626 that he had for 8 years. It was the car he got after his mission and the car we decided to get married in, the car we brought home Samuel and Jacob in, the car we took with us to Texas and the car he took to his first day of work.
Although he was sad to see it go, it served us well, he will definitely be happy that he is going to be driving a car with working AC when August in Houston arrives.

The boys were so good as we went through the whole car buying and trading in process.
I don't have a picture of our new van, but it is a Chrysler Town and Country in Light Blue, the boys were pretty excited to have a van.

The rest of this post is just a bunch of random things we have been doing.
I took the boys to the temple because they hadn't been to the Houston Temple yet, and becasue it gave Alan some time to work on his thesis.
I finally emptied out some things in my closet and let the boys play in this big box, it lasted about a week before it got destroyed.
We are excited for the birth of our little girl on March 8th, we hope all goes smoothly and that she doesn't come early. We are also excited for our visitors when she comes.


We had a great Christmas and we got to share it with Moma and Papa. Here are the boys and Mom helping to put on the Christmas Story.
Papa showed the boys Moma's new I Pad and they were hooked on Angry Birds in a matter of minutes.
Our sad looking tree, notice how most of the ornaments are out of Nathans reach.
The boys had reindeer pancakes for Breakfast a couple of days before Christmas morning.
Another tradition in our house is opening up a gift on Christmas Eve, the boys got to open up new pajamas from Daddy. Sam and Jacob are acting out Spiderman scenes here.

The boys big Christmas gift was a playset that daddy had help building from various elves that came before Christmas, thank you elves and Daddy.
Here is the only picture I have of Alan and I that we have taken in quite a while, I look horrible, but I am pretty pregnant here, so I guess I should document that.

Johnson Space Center

We got a pass to the Johnson Space Center and were excited to show Moma and Papa around when they came to visit for Christmas. Here we are on the tour we took, we got to ride on a trolley to Mission Control and visit the training facilities and at the end we saw a rocket.

Gingerbread Houses

A tradition was have started in our house is to do a Gingerbread House Family Home Evening in December before Christmas. The boys love this tradition, this year we saved a lot of Halloween candy so that we could use as much candy as we wanted in our decorating.

Polar Express

Our ward Christmas party was a big hit around our house. The theme was Polar Express and the kids got a ticket and got it punched by the conductor and got to see Santa. Nathan was mesmerized by Santa.