Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Winter Wonderland

We got about 3-4 inches of snow here on Tuesday and the kids were so excited. We have had snow a couple of times this winter (very odd for central Texas) but nothing like this. The kids couldn't wait until there was enough snow outside to play in it, but once there was and I let them out to play they didn't want to stop. They have been asking for snow and have wanted us to visit their grandparents in Utah to play in the snow. When Sam saw outside that it was snowing he jumped up and down yelling "Mom it does snow in Texas."

The boys went out twice during the day for a very long time each time and then out with Dad again when he got home. They made this snowman together ( I made one earlier for them but they just knocked that one down.)
The boys throwing snow at Dad. This was their favorite thing to do, they kept throwing snow at everyone and everything they saw, they couldn't get enough throwing. Well, that is until Sam got snow down his back which he didn't like at all and started to cry, he got over it and kept playing.

The boys wanted to go out in the snow again today but the snow was basically ice and it wasn't much fun to play with. Now the snow is pretty much gone, it was short lived but the boys had a blast.

I thought I would also include a pregnancy picture for those who don't see me too often, I never documented how big I was getting with my first pregnancy so I guess this is a good thing to do. I feel a lot smaller this time around, I am about 27 weeks in this picture.
The boys have also really enjoyed watching the Olympics. Their favorites so far have been speed skating, ski jumping, and the bobsled. We have been cheering on the US and Finland of course. We were watching the team nordic combined when Finland was winning so we pulled out our flags and our laplander hats and cheered until they sadly lost. Oh well, it was fun watching the boys run around yelling "Go Finland!"

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Better LateThan Never

So I haven't blogged in almost 2 months and I was procrastinating and procrastinating, so I am now just posting things that I should have posted a long time ago. We had Christmas, my birthday, and a party for a friend of ours, my Grandmother Montierth came for a visit, our boys got sick, they got better, and then got sick again, and then got better again, our baby continues to grow every day and Alan has continued to look for employment when he is done with school this spring. So that is pretty much the update of our lives over the past couple of months, I hope I will be better about blogging and keeping you all updated.


So I have to say I had serious doubts about turning 30, it isn't like turning 30 makes you suddenly old or anything, but for some reason I was really dreading it. I have to admit I moped around a little every time anyone mentioned it (ie: Alan).
Alan asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday and we decided we would go out to lunch while our wonderful friends Hallie and Jason watched our kids and then we would go out and buy me some new shoes which I desperately needed. The morning of my birthday I awoke late to a semi clean house and Alan making a chocolate cake. Then I was showered with gifts from Alan and the boys, (Alan went a little overboard this year on the gifts.)
Alan continued to clean up the house and we relaxed a bit until our friends came to watch the boys. Our lunch was wonderful (Chuy's is pretty good food, a little crowded, but good.) I actually found some shoes I liked and then Alan kept telling me we should go walk around the mall for a bit. I didn't understand why he would ever suggest that since he HATES the mall. I told him I would rather go to another store and get some stuff I needed since we were close by.
We got home and there Hallie was grabbing the stuff from my arms as soon as I walked in the door and then a bunch of wonderful friends jumped out and yelled "Surprise!!!"
I was completely surprised too, I had no idea. I thought Hallie had planned this whole thing, but she didn't know any of these friends so I was really confused until someone said Alan had planned it all. He was so sweet to do that, and everyone was so nice to participate in my birthday festivities. It was fun to talk to everyone and Alan did a great job on the cake.


This year for Christmas Moma and Papa came to visit from Utah. We had a lot of fun with them and were sad to see them go.

The boys in their new Christmas jammies and robes on Christmas Eve.

The boys with some of their loot.
We had some friends over on Christmas Eve and on Christmas, here the boys are hanging out with Hallie and Jason (our friends from Baylor) and Jason putting together some train stuff they got for the boys. They love Hallie and Jason.

Alan and Sam on Christmas morning.
Here the boys are a couple of days after Christmas with their friend Brylee making a gingerbread Christmas tree.