Monday, February 28, 2011

Some things we have been up to

We had Valentines day and shared a special heart pizza for the occasion. Alan bought me some nice flowers and the boys had received their presents earlier in the month because they knew they were coming and I gave in, I was excited for them to use their foam swords.

Nathan is growing like a weed and is into EVERYTHING. He thinks he is a big boy just like his brothers and he tries to play with them, they love him and all but don't like the way he "plays" with them. But he and Mom often have fun playing together on the floor, that is until Dad comes home and then he crawls right up to him with the biggest smile, he sure loves his Dad.

We are currently looking for a house to buy and looking forward to that adventure.

Sam's Rest Time

Our kids don't always take naps anymore, instead we make them take a rest. That means that they get to play quietly with toys in a room apart from one another, a rest from each other, and a rest away from Mom. Today Sam came out of rest time all excited to show me how he had put his Playmobile people together holding hands. He wanted me to tell anyone who reads this that they are holding hands because they love each other. He is such a sweet boy.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Whole Lot to Catch Up On

So I am finally blogging again, Yay! Check out the Christmas post below, but here is a little about what we have been doing since Christmas.

Nathan is starting to feed himself now.
Isn't he the cutest.
The boys are back in their routine, here they are with their dinosaur hair. They love preschool and are having fun with their friends.
Nathan is now cruising around the furniture and it is scary. He crawls and gets into EVERYTHING. He is a little Houdini, he can find the smallest thing and stick it in his mouth, I am constantly sweeping the kitchen floor and yet he still can find something to stick in his mouth.
Samuel and Jacob still love their brother but think it is great fun to pick him up and bring him to me whenever they feel like he is going to get into their stuff.

Christmas 2010

So this post is completely our of order and I can't figure out why I can't move the pictures, but this is what we were up to at Christmas time.

Celebrating my 31st Birthday
Hanging out at Aunt Karen's House

Aunt Sarah, Nathan, and Aunt Karen
Cousins Caleb and Gavin, Sammy, Jakie and Grandma Jane
Cousin Caleb, Boppus, and Nathan
Cousin Fara, Papa, Nathan
Cousins at Moma and Papa's house sledding
Cousin Carter
Cousin Brady
Cousin Leilani
Uncle Robert and the cousins in the snow
Daddy and Nathan
Cousins on Papa: Brady, Afton, Samuel, Jacob and Leilani on the couch
New Baby Cousin Ethan
Mommy and Nathan, Aunt Marisa and Baby Fara in the background
Jakie and Sammy with Uncle Robert
Brady, Jacob,Sammy, Mei, Leilani, Afton, and Carter on Christmas Day
Opening presents on Christmas Morning

Christmas Eve production of the Christmas Story. Samuel, Jacob and Gavin as the Shepherds, Wise Men and all the other characters.
Baby Nathan as Baby Jesus, Aunt Sarah as Mary
Daddy as the Donkey, with some help from Caleb.

Wonderful Aunt Audrey

Cousin fun

Sledding with Dad and hanging in the snow at Grandma Jane and Boppus'

Nathan loves the piano
We had a great trip and the boys were really good driving the 24 hours there and back. Nathan was not a fan of his car seat and did not want to get back in it for many days after we got back to Texas.

We love our family and are happy we got to see a lot of them.