Monday, May 30, 2011

I'm a Big Boy Now

Nathan is getting so big, he will turn 1 year in a little over a week. His teeth are really close to actually making their appearance, it looks like he will get 6 around the same time, but they have been at this point for about two or three weeks, so who knows when they will put him out of his misery.
He is a fun little guy. He is very active (although he is still too scared to actually walk unassisted) and starting to get more and more verbal. He can say da da and maaaaa, which is not necessarily meant for me, it is just what he says when he is upset and wants something, although I am the one who fixes the problems so maybe it is really meant for me.
He also thinks he is as big as his brothers. He wants to be just like them and LOVES it when they play with him. I am always finding him trying to sit with them on the couch or following them around as they play downstairs. This annoys them a little but usually they just think he is really funny. And his favorite thing to do is play with their toys up in the playroom, their toys are obviously much superior to his own, probably because they are off limits.
Here is a picture of Nathan playing the piano with his brothers, he thinks he is such a big boy. I love how he is on his tip toes and still is struggling to reach the keys.

I threw these next pictures in just for fun. Samuel and Jacob went on a camping trip to our backyard with their daddy this last week. We have been having a very very bad drought here, as is evidenced in our terrible straw-like grass. But this night it was actually a little stormy. The boys lasted through a movie (complete with camping treats, apparently they sucked down a whole bag of gummy bears in just a couple of minutes) and an hour of sleep before they were complaining about the wind and the sprinkling of water, so Alan brought them inside to finish sleeping. It might have been short lived but they were happy and all had a good time.

We are looking forward to some fun visitors coming soon, sooo exciting to see family!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Catch Up

So I know I haven't blogged in a while and we have been very busy so here is my attempt to cram it all into on blog entry.

We have been very busy looking for a house to buy and then going through the process of buying it. But, we have also had some visitors and other exciting things thrown in.
I made this little outfit for Nathan, it turned out kind of big, and I think people think he is a girl when he wears it, but I still think he is adorable in it.

Our friend Jason stopped by for a visit and taught the boys a little about baseball.
He even got some one on one time with Nathan. I love the looks on each of their faces.

Alan's brother Evan got home from his mission and came for a visit too. This was his first time meeting Nathan and they became quick pals right away.
The boys and Evan at the park.
Evan in his Lederhosen.
The castle Alan, Evan, Samuel and Jacob built at the beach.

Evan got buried by the boys.

We got to celebrate Evan's birthday.
And we ended his trip with a little egg decorating.
Easter morning was a lot of fun. Nathan holding his gift from the Easter Bunny.
The boys with their chocolate bunnies.
Jacob on the hunt.
Sam with a bucket full of eggs.
Nathan in his Easter outfit.
All three of my guys in their Eater outfits. This is our traditional Easter picture on our rocking chair. This may be the last year of this particular pose because it was really crowded and this was the best picture I could get because everyone was upset for being so squished.
Samuel and Jacob attempting a smile.
We also ended our little preschool, here are some of the kids who we came to love.
We moved, like I announced at the beginning of this post and here are the boys in the truck.
And in front of the truck.
Nathan looking cute at our new house.
Nathan eating Chili, this was pretty hilarious, he had it everywhere. This kid really loved it too.

So we are still getting settled into our house, when we get things set up more I will probably post a couple of pictures.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Minda, Mother

I think this might be the best time to make my first post. I want to let everyone know that I have the best wife and mother to our children I could ever imagine. It is not easy for her to be home with our three crazy boys. I know that one day they will learn to appreciate her, like I do for my own mother, and all the time she spends to make their lives better. Honey I know that it isn't easy and simple, but they will thank you and hold you in reverence for the work you do. I know I do. Happy Mother's Day , I love you !