Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Easter Outfits and Silly Boys

We bought the boys some new Easter Outfits and here the boys are looking mighty cute if you ask me. Below is a picture of the boys last year in their Easter outfits, they have grown up so much in this last year.

Jakie and Sammy love snacks. In fact that is all they ever want to eat are snacks. Last October when my Uncle and Aunt from Dallas came to visit us they brought some Nutra-grain bars with them, my uncle is the king of the coupon and I am sure got some slammin deal on them. Anyway, after that experience the boys decided that "fruit bars" were their new favorite thing. That is all they ever seem to want to eat now. Of course we only buy them sometimes, but here the boys are sharing a treat while sharing a chair.

When I lived in Egypt I bought this little outfit and it finally fits our boys.
Sam thought it was fun to wear.
Jacob not so much.

But here are some pictures of Jacob acting very silly.
Gangsta' Jakie
Playdough face Jakie.
Jakie in the dryer. Alan helped in with this one, I think he was mored excited about this than I was. Notice Jacobs crazy hair, that is why they just got haircuts.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Morning and Egg Hunts

Happy Easter!

Jacob and Samuel with all their loot from the Easter Bunny. They were so excited to have the Easter Bunny come they were up early and I could hear them talking about him in their little cute voices. They got way too much candy and are currently still on the sugar rush.
Jacob finding the eggs we dyed that the Easter Bunny hid for them to find.

Samuel with the egg he found.

Jacob and Samuel at an Egg hunt we had with some families in the ward. They loved finding the eggs on the ground, but they especially loved all the candy they could eat before we finally took it away from them.
A family picture. Typical, Samuel and Jacob are not looking and Alan and I are looking right at the sun. I don't think as a family we are very photogenic.
Jacob finding candy-filled eggs.
Sam excited to have found all his eggs.
We had a great Easter, we hope you all had a great holiday too!

Blue Bells

Spring in Texas apparently means Blue Bell season. Everyone seems to be taking pictures by the Blue Bells which are mostly in patches along the freeway but also can be found in random fields. So we decided to do the Texas thing and take pictures of the boys in the Blue Bells.


Samuel and Jacob


Monday, April 6, 2009

Go Spartans!

Let's face it, this blog is really all about Samuel and Jacob. A way for our family and friends to keep up with our little family. But today I just had to add a blog entry about March Madness. Every year Alan gets a little crazy about March Madness. He fills out his bracket with his friends and then faithfully follows every game to see if he wins. Unfortunately for Alan he tends to pick teams that might have a shot (and apparently this is what most guys do too, the underdog you know.) So usually his brackets don't end up looking too pretty, because who can really pick the underdog, that is why they call it the underdog, right? Well this year I decided to join the madness and fill out my own bracket. I put the winner as Michigan State, being from Michigan and seeing that it was a top 2 school in its category I decided it had a shot, maybe an underdog but a good choice. Alan laughed at me, my brother Robert laughed at me for putting Michigan State so far ahead in the competition, and the fact that it could actually win, no way, at least not in their opinion. So I know I shouldn't brag, but I never am right about sports related things so this time I am going to. Michigan State is going up against UNC and a lot of people think that they will win (not just me this time.) So although I have never been a huge fan of Michigan State ( I am more of a Wolverines fan) I really hope they can pull it out and win. Go Spartans!

Friday, April 3, 2009

The Itsy Ditsy Spider

Jacob insists that the song Itsy Bitsy Spider is actually the Itsy Ditsy Spider. I tried to tell him that it wasn't he started to cry because he "knew" he was right. What a funny boy!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Family Home Evening and pictures

So for FHE this week the boys learned about the armor of God. We talked about the different things we were to protect ourselves and how these relate to things Heavenly Father gives us to protect us spiritually. I am sure a lot of it went over the kids heads but they sure liked to "play sword fight" after the lesson.
I hardly ever get pictures of the boys when they are laughing, they always cheese it up when I whip out the camera, so here are some of the boys actually smiling and not fake smiling.
Sam showing off his brace for his sprained elbow. He finally got it off today, he was pretty sad to see it go.
He loves his new bear he got from the ER, it goes with him everywhere.