Tuesday, August 19, 2008


The boys have caught Olympic fever, we have been home a lot this last week because I have been battling a cough and have not been feeling very well, so we have watched a lot of Oympics. The boys have endured it fairly well, they liked the track and the volleyball, they want to have races with each other and us all the time, and they ask to play volleyball every ten minutes or so. But, when the diving started a couple of days ago, the boys had a new love, they can't get enough of the diving. When the divers jump off the board they stare until the guy hits the water, at this point, they start to laugh and jump up and down. It has been pretty funny watching them.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

So, we tried to make this really nice video tour of our new place, and we did it like 3 times and them downloaded it to blogger, or I should say, attempted to download it to blogger, and attempted and finally after the fourth attempt, we decided to take pictures and do a picture tour, if you don't care about what our place looks like, feel free to ignore this.
This is our family room and dining area, as you can tell it is much bigger than our last place, the boys love the room and run around all over the place.This is both views of our galley style kitchen and below is the washer and dryer area and door to the patio and car port.
Here are the boys enjoying some time playing with chalk on the patio, to the side of the lower picture you can see our storage room and also in that picture you can see the carport.

This is the boys bathroom and their bedroom.
Here is the extra room, you can see that we haven't done much with this room yet.
This is our bedroom with the lovely window seat, and below is our master bath, yeah, we have our own bathroom, no more waking kids when we have to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. By, the way don't you just love the wallpaper, it is our favorite.

And there you have it, a tour of our new digs. We are enjoying the time off that Alan has from work and school and are anticipating some good years here. We love you all and miss you. We hope some of you will be able to come visit.

Monday, August 11, 2008


We were able to visit with Bryce and Maile and family before we left for Texas, we had a fun time going to the park. Brady was a lot of fun showing Sammy and Jakie how to kick a soccer ball and to play at the park. At one point he had Jakie by the hand and was taking him around and talking to him, he followed him well and soon Sam had Jakie's hand and there was a little train of boys running around. Leilani was a doll and so fun to watch, you can tell she is trying to hold her own with her big brother. She has the most beautiful red hair, which I am totally jealous of, and she was very sweet. Thanks Bryce and Maile for getting together with us on your trip.We also had a new arrival to Alan's family, his sister Karen had a new boy, Caleb was born at the end of July and we are happy to have him in the family, congrats Karen, Chris, and Gavin.

All of the boys together, Sam, Gavin, Caleb, Jakie.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Jacob and Samuel's Birthday

The boys turned two before we moved, but we never had a chance to blog about their birthday. They received way to many gifts from very kind family members. Here they are enjoying their new car garage, it has had a lot of use already.
Alan of course had to set it up, the boys were trying to play with it even before it was out of the box, it was a little frustrating to Alan because he couldn't put it together with both boys running cars down the unassembled ramp.
They got a couple of new items of clothing which unlike most kids who get new clothes and throw them aside, Sammy and Jakie had to put all of them on right then, (Aunt Marisa and Uncle Robert they loved their new pooh and "ticker" shirts. Thanks)

The boys also enjoyed all the balloons they got to play with.

These are the cakes we made for their party (thanks Jane.) We made a fishbowl cake using two round cakes and cutting the top and bottom off the cakes to make the fishbowl shape, and then covered it with fondant, and also we made a cake to look like an ocean scene.
We want to thanks all those who were kind enough to send cards, gifts, call, or send their love, we appreciate all that you do for us and our little guys. We love you all and are grateful for you in our lives.