Thursday, September 15, 2011

Starting Kindergarten and other news

Samuel and Jacob have started school and have loved it. Sam has Mrs. Chippi, and Jacob has Mrs. Huettel (who is replacing his teacher Mrs. Williams who just had a baby.) They love PE, art, gym, recess, lunch, and centers the most. But they do fit in actual school work too.

Getting on the bus
Waiting for the bus

Nathans hair was starting to look like this...

So we decided he needed a haircut, so this is the final result. I learned that cutting a wiggly one year olds hair is hard.Here are my little guys ready for church, aren't they adorable.

We have had picture day already too, and this was what the boys looked like in the morning, I am hoping their actual pictures look something similar and that they don't have crazy hair or something.
Nathan was a little jealous of the boys new backpacks, so he decided to borrow one of their old backpacks. He is also decided to start walking more which is a big relief for me. A little note about Nathan, he LOVES shoes, he has only a few words, which are DAD, Mom, cheese, and shoes (I think he also says dog but it sounds a lot like Dad so I am not sure.) And these are the things he loves the most so I guess it is fitting. He also loves to jabber, he is so funny and I get stopped in the grocery store ALL the time from old ladies who want to talk to him because he is so vocal.