Thursday, August 23, 2012

Boys Birthday and end of summer

 Aunt Sarah drove back to Houston with us and spent a week with us, the boys loved having her here.
 The boys had their 6th birthday

 We took a  nice nature hike
 Heidi is as cute as ever
 All of our kiddies
 We celebrated their birthday with a friends Geology birthday party, with this lovely Volcano cake
 We looked for dinosaur fossils
 We made pet rocks, played rock bingo and had a dinosaur pinata
 The cake had smoke (dry ice) which everyone loved.
 Opening presents with friends
 Nathans new favorite spot
 I made Heidi this little tutu so I took some pictures of her
 Our friends the Pearsons invited us to go to the lake with them, the boys went canoeing, kayaking, paddle boating, and swimming

Visiting the Gunnell side

 BYU Paleontology museum with Grandma Jane

 Bridal Veil Falls with Boppus,Grandma Jane and Aunt Sarah

 Bouncy House with Aunt Karen, Gavin, Caleb, Nora, Sarah and Grandma Jane

 Heidi and Aunt Cambria
Nathan and Uncle Evan
 pudding painting
 drive in theater with the Reids

 Dinosaur museum with Daddy

 Nora and Heidi
Uncle Chris and Nathan

Swimming with Family

 Nathan, Robert, Fara
 Marisa and Mei
 Afton, Ben, and Richard
Heidi and Papa

Moma, Ethan, Robert and Fara