Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pictures and Update

So the boys have had to stay indoors a lot recently because of sickness and most recently bad weather so we have been playing a lot of games, the boys especially love hide and go seek. Here the boys are just hanging out on the couch playing with each other.
Cute Sam!
Cute Jacob!
On a nice day the boys helped me wash some windows. They thought this was so cool, I just hope the same enthusiasm is there when I ask them to do chores when they are older.
They also love to wash the mirrors in the bathrooms, they beg me to let them help whenever I pull out the blue bottle of windex.
It seems our boys are budding artists, they discovered how much they love coloring the patio with chalk, on this day they got covered head to toe in chalk, luckily it was bath night.
Sam, check out those pants.
Jacob also had a great time.
When the boys were potty training we had many incentives for them. One incentive that we had to pull out to keep things going were these Lightning McQueen slippers (for those of you who don't watch Disney shows that much, he is a character from the movie Cars.) These slippers their cousin has and at Christmas they always wanted to wear them and so when they saw that they could have them they were super excited. Here is Jacob who earned his a couple of days before Sam.
Sam looking extremely happy to finally wear his new slippers.
I always try to buy clothes after the season for the next year, sometimes when I get bored with what they are wearing I will pull out a new shirt and make a big deal about it to get the boys to feel like something cool is happening. Here are the boys with their new shirts waiting to go on a walk.
Jacob has always loved books, and so has Sam, but recently Jacob has been "reading" to Sam a lot. Here they are after a bath. Jacob will tell the story with what he remembers from us reading to him and will act like he is reading, it's pretty cute.
Alan had spring break last week and so we went to the museum, we seem to go there a lot. They were having a special group of activities for spring break, so we got to catch a session of a laser light show. Here the boys are sporting their holographic diffraction grating glasses they used for the show. This one is Sam.
And Jacob.
And here are some cute pictures of the boys cheesing it up. They always say cheese when we pull the camera out.

And that is what we have been doing. We are just glad to have Alan back from his geology student expo in Norman Oklahoma, the boys missed him a ton although he was only gone for 3 days. We are getting excited for Minda's brother to visit with his family from Nebraska.


Maile said...

Such cute pics! Sounds like you are busy ad that the boyus are growing up so fast! I wish we were coming down for a visit, maybe some other time. Hope to see you soon!

Audrey said...

Wow, your boys are growing up so fast! They are so cute, and I am so glad that you have this blog so I can see them grow up too. :) I miss you guys so much and hope you are doing well!

The Hipple's said...

What cute pictures of the boys! I love that one of Jacob reading to Sam!