Monday, July 28, 2008

We've Just Been Hanging Around

I realized it has been a while since I have actually blogged anything, but, we have been busy. I spent almost a week with the boys at my parents house while Alan was finishing his senior thesis in Orem. While I was there I saw this painting, which my brilliant cousin Lana painted of the boys. Can you tell which is which? She is studying art in Saint George at Dixie college and I think she is amazing, thanks Lana.

As many of you might know, the boys really like trains, so we returned with Moma and Papa to the train museum to see the other half of the museum we didn't realize was there last time. This part was the actual trains, the boys loved the trains and were exited to see the new Frontrunner (an extension of Salt Lakes Trax) train leave the station.
After the trains we went out for ice cream at the famous Farr's Ice cream parlor in Ogden. Moma used to work here, so we had to get some shots of her in front of her old hangout.

The boys had fun watching the street get repaved in front of Farr's as they ate the ice cream Moma and Papa had given them.

We also had the opportunity to visit some great grandparents who live in Ogden. We visited Grandma and Grandpa Fisher (not pictured here, I forgot my camera) and Grandma Montierth who won over Jacob and Samuel's heart with her marble game, a favorite amongst all the grandchildren. Tracy, I hope you have fond memories of this game, Grandma thought you might remember this game.

Four generations.
Moma and Jacob outside of Grandma Montierth's house, looking at grapes.
Samuel and Papa doing the same.
Samuel and Jacob invented a game while we were there. It involved sitting on the fireplace and throwing a ball and then jumping up to retrieve it. I was quite impressed by their creativity.

Later we went to see Grandma Gunnell, who the boys have named Grandma Nell because they can't say Gunnell. They had fun eating her raspberries and playing with the toys she always has on hand.

Boppus and Grandma Jane arrived at Grandma Nells and the boys were happy to see them again. We had a good time hanging out with them and we were looking forward to coming back to Orem again.
We also had a great time celebrating Pioneer Day (it is a celebration of the Pioneers entering the Salt Lake Valley.) We went to discovery park and had some KFC, I love picnics, and then a fun time running around and chasing the boys at the park. Samuel on the big big slide, it was a lot of fun, so much fun that we convinced Boppus (Val) to go down too.
Alan and Samuel hanging out in the space ship.
Jacob and Alan on the tire swing.

We had a lot of fun in Ogden, thank you Moma and Papa for all the fun things we did, and thank you Grandma Jane and Boppus for all you do for us. We love you!


Maile said...

I am going to guess, Jacob on the left and Samuel on the right? Let's see if I am right.
It looks like you have had quite the adventures and good times had by all visiting all of the family. We hope to see you this coming weekend, we will keep in contact.

fish family said...

looks like a lot of fun. were is this train place? I think Kaden would enjoy going to see something like that.

Marisa said...

Happy birthday to the boys!!! We hope you got our package for them last week!

Marisa said...

Oh, and happy anniversary to you guys tomorrow!

Monica said...

I remember the marbble game. It was one of my favorite things about going to grandma's. Last summer when we visited my son enjoyed it as well.

Robinson Family said...

It looks like you guys have been having fun! The boys are getting so big!!! I need to call you again so we can chat it seems like a long time since I have talked to you!