Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Fourth of July

Our Fourth was a lot of fun. We spent Friday evening at a picnic that we had with Alan's Family at Nielson's grove. (If you are in Provo, you gotta go to Nielson's grove, it is the coolest park.) The boys had fun at the fountain, they were soaking by the time we left.Later in the evening we decided to do our fireworks a little early so that the boys could enjoy them. They were a little afraid of the loud ones.

Alan and Jacob (Evan in the background) watching the festivities.
Audrey and Samuel, Sam looks really interested in the fireworks, but I think they scared him a bit.
The boys eventually decided they would take refuge by the house and Sarah joined them.

Our little family
Alan and Evan having "Snap" wars.

We decided that we should attend the Fisher Family Reunion up at Oxford with Moma and Papa on Sunday, so we went to Pleasant View on Saturday and went with them up to Idaho on Sunday morning.

Our family on the teeter totter.
The boys playing at the barn
Alan and Samuel on the rope swing.Papa and Jacob on the rope swing.

The boys had fun running around the area, and eating all the fruit, we took a drive to Malad on apparently "the most beautiful drive in the world," It was pretty, but I wouldn't give it that description myself.
We had a great weekend, we hope you all are well!


fish family said...

Ya Malad has nothing to offer. Jeff lived there during high school and he wants me to go live up there. I told him no. Looks like you had a fun 4th. Hope all is going well for you. Have a great day.

Andrew & Naoko said...

Aaah, Malad. A personal favorite of mine. In fact we were up there on Sat for our family reunion. Hope we can see you guys before we go to Japan.

Brad and Cathy said...

We enjoyed seeing you in Oxford. Thanks for coming.