Sunday, August 10, 2008

Jacob and Samuel's Birthday

The boys turned two before we moved, but we never had a chance to blog about their birthday. They received way to many gifts from very kind family members. Here they are enjoying their new car garage, it has had a lot of use already.
Alan of course had to set it up, the boys were trying to play with it even before it was out of the box, it was a little frustrating to Alan because he couldn't put it together with both boys running cars down the unassembled ramp.
They got a couple of new items of clothing which unlike most kids who get new clothes and throw them aside, Sammy and Jakie had to put all of them on right then, (Aunt Marisa and Uncle Robert they loved their new pooh and "ticker" shirts. Thanks)

The boys also enjoyed all the balloons they got to play with.

These are the cakes we made for their party (thanks Jane.) We made a fishbowl cake using two round cakes and cutting the top and bottom off the cakes to make the fishbowl shape, and then covered it with fondant, and also we made a cake to look like an ocean scene.
We want to thanks all those who were kind enough to send cards, gifts, call, or send their love, we appreciate all that you do for us and our little guys. We love you all and are grateful for you in our lives.


Olivia said...

Happy Birthday!!! I can't believe they are 2. It feels like just yesterday we were visiting you guys in the hospital. They are as cute as ever. We hope you guys are having a good time in Texas so far. We sure do miss you.

Courtney said...

Next year we are totally copying the fish bowl cake- that was awesome. Can you believe they are 2 already?

fish family said...

what cute cakes!!! so talented. I cant believe they are all ready 2. Crazy time goes by so fast.

Glenda said...

Oh snap! I can't believe we didn't acknowledge their birthday ... I'm sooo sorry!! We'll make it up to ya'll!

On another note, you have crazy good cake skills. Hmmm...I'm thinking you will be essential for Lily's 1st B-day bash!

K said...

I can't believe that you are in Texas! Time flies so fast really. I hope things are going well there and you are all adjusting well. Congrats on the 2 year olds!!! You are going to have a fun year. I really liked the terrific twos. I adore the cakes, I've got to put that in the back of my memory to pull out for an event later. Love creative cakes!

Robinson Family said...

I can't believe your boys are 2 already! Aren't 2 year olds fun?? I hope you guys are settling in ok. I was just thinking how you won't be there when I get back to Logan and it makes me sad. I don't know what I am going to do all winter without you!!! I miss you guys so much!