Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Only Way to Eat an Oreo

Yesterday Alan decided to teach the boys the proper way to eat an Oreo. Here he is demonstrating for you all and the boys of course too.

Step 1: Take your Oreo and dip it in milk.Step 2: Let it sit there for a minute.
Step 3: Take it out.
Step 4: Consume.
Jacob didn't really pay too much attention to the lesson, he was to busy with step number four.
Sam was just excited to be eating a treat.


Marisa said...

Mmmm... Oreos.

PS: My word verification right now is "lardi," which I think is funny considering the cream in Oreos is pretty much made of lard. That's what makes them so delicious!

Audrey said...

How fun! I like the boys hair-cuts! I am so excited to come and visit ya'll :)