Monday, July 6, 2009

More pictures of our trip to Utah

I got to spend some time with my dear friend Elizabeth who I have been friends with since birth. We went to a park and let the kids play and run around while we got caught up. She is moving to New York City and I will miss visiting her when I come to Provo.

They boys had fun playing on Grandma Jane's slip and slide and in the little pool.

Here we are on a "hay ride" minus the hay at Thanksgiving Point. It is so hard to get a family picture where all of us are looking and no one is making a funny face. Hopefully we can achieve that someday.
The boys loved spending time with their cousin Gavin they were so cute all holding hands and running around Thanksgiving Point together.

Daddy and the boys fed the animals at the petting zoo, Mom was not interested in feeding anything. The boys were excited to see Dad feed the animals but were not interested in doing it themselves. But they did enjoy throwing the food at the animals and putting the food on the outside of the gate so the animals could still eat it without any actual contact with them.We also went to Discovery Park with Grandma Jane, Aunt Sarah, Aunt Karen and Uncle Chris and Gavin and Caleb. The boys all had fun running around the "Castle" and making their parents run in circles trying to follow them.

We were also able to attend the Redd Family Reunion in Pocatello, Idaho. We had a blast going down the big slide at the Steadman Farm and jumping on the trampoline. Grandma Jane did a great job putting the reunion together and we all had such a fun time with so many things to do.
It was a lot of fun but it is nice to be home now.


K said...

We really need to make it to Thanksgiving Point some day. There are so many things we'd love to do there. I'm giggling about the family photo. There's only K and I and we still can't get a non-goofy one. Good luck with that one!