Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Easter Outfits and Silly Boys

We bought the boys some new Easter Outfits and here the boys are looking mighty cute if you ask me. Below is a picture of the boys last year in their Easter outfits, they have grown up so much in this last year.

Jakie and Sammy love snacks. In fact that is all they ever want to eat are snacks. Last October when my Uncle and Aunt from Dallas came to visit us they brought some Nutra-grain bars with them, my uncle is the king of the coupon and I am sure got some slammin deal on them. Anyway, after that experience the boys decided that "fruit bars" were their new favorite thing. That is all they ever seem to want to eat now. Of course we only buy them sometimes, but here the boys are sharing a treat while sharing a chair.

When I lived in Egypt I bought this little outfit and it finally fits our boys.
Sam thought it was fun to wear.
Jacob not so much.

But here are some pictures of Jacob acting very silly.
Gangsta' Jakie
Playdough face Jakie.
Jakie in the dryer. Alan helped in with this one, I think he was mored excited about this than I was. Notice Jacobs crazy hair, that is why they just got haircuts.


K said...

I can't believe the difference between last year's photo and this year's photo. They have grown so much and they look like little boys, not babies for sure. They look like they are a bundle of fun. Hope all is well.

Janadt.Huggins said...

They looks so much older in the face this year! How crazy. They also seem to be getting cuter and cuter by the minute which I hear is a good sign.

Maile said...

What cute boy you have! Some of the pictures of Jacob remind me of Brady when he was younger. I would suppose they are related!