Sunday, April 12, 2009

Blue Bells

Spring in Texas apparently means Blue Bell season. Everyone seems to be taking pictures by the Blue Bells which are mostly in patches along the freeway but also can be found in random fields. So we decided to do the Texas thing and take pictures of the boys in the Blue Bells.


Samuel and Jacob



Shannon said...

Cute pictures! I have another friend in Texas and they've also recently done the bluebell picture thing. They are such pretty flowers!

Cakes4U said...

Thanks for the Easter treat of these absolutelly darling pictures. We really enjoyed them!! It is getting harder to tell the boys apart in pictures. It is a good thing they are "color coded". We sure love you guys. We are excited to see you in June. Happy Easter! Love, Boppis, Grandma Jane, Audrey and Sarah

Reid Family said...

They are getting so big! What adorable little boys!