Friday, November 7, 2008

Halloween and Other Fun Things

Samuel and Jacob have been very busy! Here they are with their rubber duckies.
Who needs toys when you have a box.

So recently the boys have discovered that it is a lot of fun to play in our closet, this is not my favorite thing, but they seem to love it. Just don't turn the lights out when you don't know they are in there, screaming will ensue.
We went to the ward Halloween party, the boys were able to stand on stage and announce what they were wearing.

Our family at the Halloween party.What cute little dinosaurs!

Our family with our pumpkins.

The boys were so proud of our pumpkins, they were sad to see them go.

Pumpkin carving

More pumpkin carving.

When my parents were here they took some pictures of our family for us. Thanks Mom and Dad.


Katie said...

I can't believe how much your boys have grown up! They look so big!

Courtney said...

Great picture! We too have a closet invader in our house. Afton loves to take her pig flashlight (appropriately named Oinkers) into the closet with her as well as her blankies and Baxter, then close the door and announce that she is hiding. When they are that cute you just can't get mad at them for playing in the closet.
BTW, Minda you look really good, I like your pink shirt.
Also, in case I forget, which happens a lot, can you email me your address?

Marisa said...

I LOVE the dinosaur costumes! And that's a cute family picture at the bottom. You guys look good.

The Hipple's said...

What cute little dinosaurs! Your kids are getting so big! And yeah, H&M is pretty great. The only problem is that I think I have a tighter budget now than when I was a missionary :( so I definitely bought more clothes there on my mission than I have since we've been living here. We did have good times there though!

Monica said...

Mommies seem to always be left out of that pictures since they are always taking them.

Tami H. said...

CUte pics Minda!!

Kayz said...

MINDA! This is Kali (from Jerusalem Lockdown 2000) Massey! =) Your family is adorable!! Your awesome sister in law told me about your blog. (And apparently she's the sister of Kambria!!!). Small little world! Anyway, happy to have found the blog. You can email me at lafsalott at that hot place and I'll add you to mine! =)