Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fun with Cousins and More

Last Friday the boys and I had the opportunity to visit my uncle Tracy and his family just north of Dallas. Here are some pictures of our visit with our cousins.
Noah showing the boys his trampoline moves, they were really impressed, although they totally were freaked out when they tried the trampoline themselves.
Uncle Tracy played with the boys, Lily was so cute, we love our cousins.
Abby was so adorable playing with the boys too!

Cute sisters!Thanks for letting us come visit.

Recently the boys have started playing alone by themselves and together without me in the room. It has been wonderful to actually get some things done and not have to constantly entertain. So, this week I was making dinner one night and noticed the boys were not trying to grab my legs or yelling at me to play with them. So, I went to see what they were up to. Jacob was so cute, he was reading his scriptures. Sam was playing with his kitchen. They are such good boys.

Another milestone for us this week was the introduction of big boy beds. We have had the beds for a while but the boys were not sleeping in them. The original plan was for the boys to get potty trained first, well I tried that, we had to take a break. So, I wanted the beds to be an incentive for the boys to get potty trained. But, unfortunately they were just growing out of their cribs too fast. They really seem to enjoy their beds, but we have had one afternoon nap that didn't turn out so great, but hopefully things will only get better from here.

Tonight I decided to let the boys help me make dinner. Their favorite PIZZA! Here they are helping mommy get the dough onto the pans.Here they are adding some cheese.

And watching the final product in the oven. It was yummy by the way, thanks Cindy for the leftover pork, we used it on the pizza, so good.


Shannon said...

I can't believe how grown-up your boys are looking! They are so cute.

Reid Family said...

They are so cute! What good little helpers. That is so great that they have cousins close by.

K said...

Big boy beds are a huge step. I'm so glad that they are giving you a break by entertaining themselves, and not causing more work for you:) You're lucky they have each other to entertain themselves. I'm still the main source of entertainment for K but he does play well on his own as well, so I can't complain too much. Love that you are so good at letting the boys help you cook. I need to find incentive to get K back in the kitchen. He lost interest a few years back. Love it while you can!

Maile said...

I asked BRADY (he typed it himself) who Jacob and Samuel were and he didn't know because they were so grown up. He said, "They are growing up." Enough said! We probably won't see you for awhile and then he really won't know them, so we will have to keep up this blogging to stay in touch.
Cute pictures and glad to know you are close to family.

Courtney said...

The boys are so cute. You are super-mom to let two boys help make dinner- I can barely handle when Afton helps. Rich can't handle it at all... he totally freaked when she spilled a bowl of carob chip!

fish family said...

how cute. hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving on Thursday

Cakes4U said...

Hey, what a milestone to have Sammy and Jakey entertain themselves and each other so you can get things done. Way to go!!And what nice big-boy beds too. I am so proud of you boys for graduating from your cribs. And the pizza looked yummy. You guys will all be good cooks. Minda, you are already a good cook. It's fun to see the boys growing up and learning so many things. We love you guys. Happy Thanksgining.

Chocolate Lover said...

The Boys are getting so big! I miss them so much! I can't wait for when you guys are coming after Christmas! It's not far away.