Saturday, April 12, 2008

Baby Animal Days

Every year in Logan the Western Heritage Center has Baby Animal Days, which is exactly how it sounds, a day when children are allowed to go see, and pet baby animals, or aminals as our boys like to call them. We saw lambs, goat and their kids, cows and their calves, big horses and little horses, piglets, bunnies, chickens, ducks, and also snakes, frogs and tiny little turtles. The boys were a little scared at first but soon caught on to what they were supposed to do and they talked about it for the rest of the day. We also participated in the candy cannon event where two cannon full of candy and toys were shot out into a field and then kids were encouraged to go get as much as they could, Jacob cried as Alan helped him get candy, Samuel saw a ball and decided not to get any more candy and just to play with the ball. But we had a lot of fun. We went with our friends Wendy and James Hillstead and Dan and Daniel Walker and their baby Olivia. We also got to see a sheep getting sheered with hand sheers it was interesting to say the least.


K said...

We love Baby Animal Days. It's a spring tradition in our family. I'm so glad you got such cute photos. I didn't get a single photo this year, no camera. I am pretty sure I was the only Mom there with no camera. They do such a great job out at the farm. They do a fun one in the fall too. I'm sad you won't be here to enjoy it too.

Lyndon said...

I cannot even tell you how much I love baby animal days. That would have been so fun.