Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Whole Lot to Catch Up On

So I am finally blogging again, Yay! Check out the Christmas post below, but here is a little about what we have been doing since Christmas.

Nathan is starting to feed himself now.
Isn't he the cutest.
The boys are back in their routine, here they are with their dinosaur hair. They love preschool and are having fun with their friends.
Nathan is now cruising around the furniture and it is scary. He crawls and gets into EVERYTHING. He is a little Houdini, he can find the smallest thing and stick it in his mouth, I am constantly sweeping the kitchen floor and yet he still can find something to stick in his mouth.
Samuel and Jacob still love their brother but think it is great fun to pick him up and bring him to me whenever they feel like he is going to get into their stuff.


Cakes4U said...

Hi, I commented on the Christmas update for both. Love all of the pictures. we miss you guys!

Reid Family said...

They are getting so big! They've already changed since you were here! So handsome!!!

Sarah said...

I have the cutest nephews ever!! :D so adorable!!

Janadt.Huggins said...

I can't believe how big Nathan is getting! He is so cute and the boys are huge! I like their dino hair. :)