Monday, February 28, 2011

Some things we have been up to

We had Valentines day and shared a special heart pizza for the occasion. Alan bought me some nice flowers and the boys had received their presents earlier in the month because they knew they were coming and I gave in, I was excited for them to use their foam swords.

Nathan is growing like a weed and is into EVERYTHING. He thinks he is a big boy just like his brothers and he tries to play with them, they love him and all but don't like the way he "plays" with them. But he and Mom often have fun playing together on the floor, that is until Dad comes home and then he crawls right up to him with the biggest smile, he sure loves his Dad.

We are currently looking for a house to buy and looking forward to that adventure.


Sarah said...

Cute pictures!! good luck with the house hunting :)

Reid Family said...

I just want to kiss his face!!! Such a cutie!

Janadt.Huggins said...

OooooOOOOooo. I house to buy! Keep me updated on that please! Nathan is adorable. I think he and Azure would be pals.

Sam said...

I haven't seen you guys in AGES! Blog-hopping brought me here, but I LOVED being able to see your cute boys (and you and Alan too)... fun stuff, I miss you!