Monday, March 8, 2010

S'more fun

Our little Jacob is such a funny kid. He loves to watch commercials on tv, well both he and Sam do really, but especially Jacob. They always ask me if we need to buy the stuff they see being sold on the infomercial type shows or tell me we need to get a snuggie or other new fangled gadget. But on Sunday his little obsession really showed its colors. We give our kids a little bag of snacks on Sundays during sacrament meeting if they have been good until after the sacrament. Alan gave Jacob some teddy grahams, some wheat thins, and a couple of little marshmallows in his bag. Jacob preceded to take out the teddy grahams and put a marshmallow inside of them and eat it like a s'more. I was very amused and he kept doing this throughout the meeting with his wheat thins too. I wondered where he got the idea to do that, but really didn't think too much of it because we had had s'mores before. But this morning we were watching some program on tv while the boys were eating lunch and Jacob yelled at me to look at the tv. I looked and saw an advertisement for this:

It is a microwavable s'more maker. He kept telling me that is why he made the "marshmallow cookies" that he had made in church because he wanted one of these. I had to laugh, it was pretty ingenious of a 3 1/2 year old to put all that together, at least I think it is.

Anyway, this past week the boys had a lot of fun going to BYU games (the BYU baseball game vs. Baylor and the BYU basketball game vs. TCU in Fort Worth), and they also got to go to the zoo, it was finally warm enough to go outside.
Jacob wanted to show his stuffed animal (a leopard named Jack) the real "leopard" (really a jaguar, but we told him it was a leopard because of his stuffed animal). So he brought Jack along to see him. Sam also brought his bear to show the bear at the zoo too, but I couldn't get a good picture of them together. The Jaguar was really active that day and was close to the glass, the boys were a little nervous about that but we got some good pictures of them with it.

Here the boys are at the new orangutan section of the zoo, they love jumping on the chimes and swinging on the ropes, they seemed more interested in that than they did with the orangutans which were also out and about, we hardly ever see them moving around. The lions were in good form too, we saw them roar which is something we have only heard from far away before, it was awesome to see it up close.


Joni and Chase said...

Sounds like so much fun! Your boys are soo cute and fun~ and quite ingenious I might add!

K said...

I love that photo of them with the jaguar behind glass. You can tell they really weren't planning on taking their eyes off of him for a photo:) Cute.

Stamp With Linz said...

I LOVE that! :) Such a fun kid (and kiddos!)

Cakes4U said...

I wish I could go with you to the zoo. It looks like "Jack" fit right in with that "Leopard". I loved the smore story too. Love you all.

Brad and Cathy said...

What great times for the boys. Samuel and Jacob always make me laugh. It looks like a chilly night for baseball but I am sure the children enjoyed themselves. I enjoyed the children telling me about the zoo and the giraffe (tall and yellow). Looking forward to talking to the family soon on Skype.