Wednesday, August 13, 2008

So, we tried to make this really nice video tour of our new place, and we did it like 3 times and them downloaded it to blogger, or I should say, attempted to download it to blogger, and attempted and finally after the fourth attempt, we decided to take pictures and do a picture tour, if you don't care about what our place looks like, feel free to ignore this.
This is our family room and dining area, as you can tell it is much bigger than our last place, the boys love the room and run around all over the place.This is both views of our galley style kitchen and below is the washer and dryer area and door to the patio and car port.
Here are the boys enjoying some time playing with chalk on the patio, to the side of the lower picture you can see our storage room and also in that picture you can see the carport.

This is the boys bathroom and their bedroom.
Here is the extra room, you can see that we haven't done much with this room yet.
This is our bedroom with the lovely window seat, and below is our master bath, yeah, we have our own bathroom, no more waking kids when we have to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. By, the way don't you just love the wallpaper, it is our favorite.

And there you have it, a tour of our new digs. We are enjoying the time off that Alan has from work and school and are anticipating some good years here. We love you all and miss you. We hope some of you will be able to come visit.


Monica said...

It must be nice to me there and to be getting settled. Good luck with your new adventure!

fish family said...

It looks nice. Glad you found a great place and a place for the kiddo's to run around. Glad things went well for you.

Brad and Cathy said...

Hey, your new place looks like you have a lot of room to move around. I have seen worse wallpaper.

love mom and dad montierth

p.s. We miss the boys

Cakes4U said...

Hey, this is nice. a lot more room for you all. I really liked the pictures with people in them. You will love having so much room . I love the wall paper. It is pretty wild. And the window seat is nice too, Minda. Good job guys. We miss you! It is too quiet aroung here and a little boring without little boys running around and laughing and chattering. We love you!

Love Grandma Jane

Robinson Family said...

wow! Your place looks great! Lots of room, that is awesome! I bet you are enjoying it!

K said...

It looks like you guys have a ton of room. The boys room looks really big. Having a window seat, my dream, seriously, and your own bathroom-jealous even with the lovely wallpaper. It has potential, you just have to find it! Glad you're getting settled in.

The Hipple's said...

Your place is HUGE!!! Wow! That's awesome, I'm so happy for you guys! And you have a dishwasher and a washer/dryer! Life just doesn't get any better than that :)

Jen said...

Minda, It was so fun to see you a few weeks ago! Your new place looks great, definitely a lot more room than we have here. :) I'm sure the boys are loving running around and around and around.

TamiAbbyKevin said...

Wow, you settled in fast! How exciting after a summer of transition.