Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ice Cream

The boys have discovered how much they love ice cream. We let them run around outside and eat their ice cream cones, you can see how much they enjoyed it.

I just really liked this picture of Sam, so I thought I would add it to this post, also, we have moved to Orem now, and are living with Alan's parents. Alan is working the swing shift at a factory here, where he is making drill bits for gas and oil companies.


rick & cheryl said...

Very cute. Yes, you can see they truly enjoy their ice cream.

fish family said...

awwww!!!! how cute. hope you guys are doing good. it was good seeing you for a few sec on sunday

K said...

That is the way to eat an ice cream cone. My other trick for that and popscicles, in the bathtub. It saves a step! Love the big shoes, I see a future missionary.

Maile said...

Cute, they are so happy with those cones! I love it, they are growing up so fast!

TamiAbbyKevin said...

Minda May
Your boys are growing up Very fast as well!! They are absolutely adorable! How far is Waco from dallas? I hope it works out for you to come to the wedding so we can see you!!