Saturday, June 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Alan

Well, Alan had a birthday this week, if you missed it, it was the 25th. He is now closer to 30 than 20 so he thinks he is old. Well, whatever Alan. Anyway, we did have a nice little get together last Sunday for him, here are some pictures of it.
The boys played with a slide that was broken, but they found a fun way to play with it anyway.

Jakie has learned to do headstands, and he loves them.Grandma Jane and Aunt Karen
The boys and Uncle Evan
The boys with Dad and some of the Tylers
Boppus, Janis and Aunt Audrey
Aunt Sarah and Boppus


Maile said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You just wish that you could be 30! Life gets better with age, right? Glad to see you guys are having fun and the boys are getting so big!!!

Marisa said...

Happy Birthday, Alan! Sorry we missed it... we didn't even look at the calendar this past week! But we hope it was fabulous.

Robinson Family said...

Hope Alan had a happy birthday. I have been thinking of you. I hope all is well.

K said...

Happy Birthday Alan! I don't want to hear the word 25 and old in the same sentence. You want to talk about old, come and chat with me sometime!

Lyndon said...

Good B-Day party. Excellent cheesecake