Wednesday, June 11, 2008

For the Beauty of the Earth

We went to Pocatello on Saturday for Alan's cousins wedding reception and on the way home we saw this beautiful rainbow, it went all the way across the sky, I had never seen a full rainbow that was this bright before, these pictures aren't the best, but we were driving around so that is probably why they didn't turn out well.

This is the view at my parents house, it was really beautiful because it had been raining, I just really liked how it looked with all the mist in the mountains.


rick & cheryl said...

Those are beautiful pictures!

Marisa said...

I get SO excited when I see rainbows! Especially full ones. Those are great pictures and I am glad I know someone else who appreciates them so much!

K said...

I love it when rainbows appear. It is rare you can see a full one, one end is usually in the clouds. I guess according to J.S. prophecy, we won't be seeing the Lord return this year! Ever since I read that, I think of it when I see rainbows. Crazy huh?