Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fourth of July

This Fourth we didn't really do anything all that exciting, I got these shirts for the boys to wear so I had to get a picture with them wearing them. We did go to a ward activity in the morning where only about 15 other people attended, we were hoping to meet some people, and we did, but not as many as we hoped to meet.

Our next door neighbors were kind enough to let us watch their fireworks display, and there were a lot of other displays we could see through the neighborhood, one neighbor decided to do fireworks until 1 in the morning which we were less than thrilled about. I thought this picture was kind of cool because you can see the smoke from the fireworks.

Here is just a random picture of Nathan that I just took this morning for those who want more pictures of him.I thought this was a cute picture of Alan snuggling with Nathan.
Yesterday the boys woke me up yelling excitedly "Mom come to our room we have a surprise for you." These words can send fear into a mother, because more than not a surprise is not a welcomed surprise, I mind raced through the possibilities of what kind of surprise they could have possibly been working on. But oh what a nice surprise I found when I got there. The boys had worked together to make their beds without even being asked. They were really sweet all day yesterday too, so I hope they are starting to get back to their normal selves and settling in.


Maile said...

Sweet boys! Love the dad cuddling, very tender, enjoy them, thanks for the pics!

Courtney said...

All of it is so cute! I love the beds- way to go boys! Nathan looks like he is growing so fast, I love the little chunks in his legs. What a fun 4th.

Stamp With Linz said...

love those boys!
Nathan looks so much like Alan!

Miss you guys!

Cakes4U said...

Thanks for the updates. They are so fun to read and see since we are so far away. You guys are great and much loved!