Saturday, November 14, 2009

New Couches

We got a call earlier this week from a family in our ward who were getting new couches and wanted to know if we wanted their old couches. Since our couches didn't match and the "new" couches were in much better shape then our own we took them up on their offer.
There are a lot of pillows and the boys have discovered how much they love playing and hiding in all the pillows. Here is a picture of them playing in the "forest"(that is what they call the pillow fortress they make for themselves.)

I thought this was a funny way to watch tv, but they love to sit here and watch tv like this.


K said...

Some of my favorite memories from growing up was building "forts" with my brothers. We drug out every pillow and blanket in the entire house. I don't think my Mom was thrilled, but we still laugh about all the things we played in those forts we made. The couches are a great score!

Cakes4U said...

I like the "new" couches. I'm sure you will have many happy years with them. I'm glad those two cute boys like playing on them. Some of the best memories of out kids were their creative games on and with the furniture.

Audrey said...

Cute!! Love the new couches! They are such creative boys!!

Stamp With Linz said...

too cool- love a good freebie!