Saturday, September 12, 2009

Just a little venting

Ok, so I know this blog is dedicated to keeping people up on what our family has been up to but I hope you will excuse me a moment to just vent a little. (Warning: If you don't want to hear the venting skip this entry.)

I just want to preface this entry by saying I do not mean to offend anyone who has been in the opposite position of me in this next story.

So it has been very rainy here for the past couple of days and going places has been a challenge with two little boys but they have taken it in stride and wear their new jackets with their hoods up and really don't complain too much.

Today we were out and about and I realized that I needed something from the grocery store. I usually avoid the grocery store on a Saturday because it is usually a nightmare but today I decided to brave it. With the rain it was even more difficult but I thought they have been so good with the rain why not.

We get in the store and the only real problem is this woman who is basically shouting orders to her poor husband. They have all three of their young children, one in a cart (even though it holds 2) a stroller with a child in it who probably could fit in the cart, and another child walking around. They have the whole aisle blocked up and this poor man is just trying his best to keep up with his wife.

I didn't think much about it until I went to leave. I pulled out to go to the exit and a minivan was in front of me and suddenly stopped popped its trunk and lo and behold there was the husband hopping out to load up his family and groceries in the car. Normally I would think it quite chivalrous of a man to go out in the rain and pull a car around. But by him doing that it cut off a man pushing carts from the parking lot to the store, another car who couldn't go by because the man pushing the carts was cut off, and me who was now stuck behind him. I looked over to the woman and her kids none of them were wearing anything other than t-shirts and shorts so I didn't see why if the rest of us had to brave the rain why did this woman feel she had the right to be treated differently? Here I was with my children going to the store without a husband and was able to make it to my car with my kids in the rain, why couldn't she do the same?

Now I know that I may be alone in this opinion but I was thoroughly annoyed, what do you think? Do you think it was ok for her to do that? Do you think it was as rude as I did?


schwang-schwanthony! said...

minda i totally agree!! that always bugs me when people cut you off to load groceries and about braving the rain lol come on rain is just water.. it wont kill you to get out of the car.. just wear a jacket.. i agree i would have been annoyed too. :) loves!!
Kailey(mitton) lock-smith

Jimmy and Wendy said...

The other day I went to the grocery store and it was like berate your husband and children day! Around every corner a parent was yelling at a child or a someone else being short-tempered with someone else. I was embarrassed for them. I had to get out of there, it really made me feel uncomfortable because it was seriously happening all over. What is with the world today!

Miss ya!

The Kuykendalls... said...

I'm with you!!! It was awful nice of him to go get the van, but use some common sense, MR!!! Don't block the flow of progress.