Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Family Visit

As you can see the boys were very excited to have their grandparents (Grandma Jane and Boppus) and aunts (Sarah and Audrey) come and visit.

(by the way thank you Aunt Marisa for the cute birthday shirts!)
I realized that we didn't take a whole lot of pictures of the family on our camera, but here are some that we snapped. Here is Sam traipsing about in the water, we went to Lake Waco and hung out at the beach.
Jacob making sandcastles.
A sandcastle that he didn't make, I think Alan built this beauty.
We did snap this great shot of us in bathing suits. We had a blast.
Here are Audrey and Sarah in their suits. (You will notice there are no shots of Grandma Jane posted this was upon request.)
Here is Boppus reading to the boys, there was a lot of reading done by both grandparents and both aunts.

We took everyone to the local museum, showed them around Baylor, saw the Baylor Bear, showed them the suspension bridge downtown and hung out a lot at home.
Here are Sarah, Sam, and Audrey by the bull near the suspension bridge. We also took the girls to Six Flags where I decided that I am not as young as I once was.

Thanks for coming to visit, we had a great time. If anyone else wants to come our way you are welcome we'll fix up the extra room for you!

Here is a little treat from yesterday, I was outside putting some laundry on the line and when I returned this is what I found. This is every shoe that was in our front closet lined up in a perfect order. Apparently our shoes are now snowmobiles and every toy needs a snowmobile to ride around in. They crack me up.


Stamp With Linz said...

They are the cutest twins I know! I'm sure one of them will make a fine husband for Sydnee- I think it was Sam. :) I love the dino cakes- I never got to see them in full, you are amazing!!!

Tami H. said...

LOve the dino shirts and the snowmobiles!

K said...

What creative little boys. I loved the stage when everything is lined up in perfect order. Cars, lego men, whatever. It is a darling phase, and BTW, very on track developmentally:).

Maile said...

Cute boys! They sure are growing up!

Janadt.Huggins said...

What a fun trip! I love the shoes. It totally makes me miss you guys.

Cakes4U said...

Thank you for leaving out any pics of me in a bathing suit. The rest of you look wonderful. Thanks again for the fun time. We miss you guys a lot and were so excited to get to come see you. The shoe picture was great too!! Love you all!!

Robinson Family said...

I am glad Alan's family got to come visit. It looks like you guys had fun. I haven't talked to you for awhile... I hope everything is going well!