Thursday, August 23, 2012

Visiting the Gunnell side

 BYU Paleontology museum with Grandma Jane

 Bridal Veil Falls with Boppus,Grandma Jane and Aunt Sarah

 Bouncy House with Aunt Karen, Gavin, Caleb, Nora, Sarah and Grandma Jane

 Heidi and Aunt Cambria
Nathan and Uncle Evan
 pudding painting
 drive in theater with the Reids

 Dinosaur museum with Daddy

 Nora and Heidi
Uncle Chris and Nathan


Curt and Amy said...

Oh how fun! You're making me miss my family and Utah! Haha! You seriously look AMAZING Minda! Holy cow, Heidi is looking so big, and darling! I may have to do the painting with pudding with Nanni and Chase, fun activity!

Roo24 said...

I love these!! Miss you guys so much!