Saturday, April 14, 2012


Every year at Easter we take a picture of our family on this rocking chair, this is the first year someone didn't make it on the chair. We love our little ones who are growing up way too fast.

dying Easter eggsEaster Buckets full of fun goodies
Easter egg hunt in the backyard. We ended up doing three egg hunts this year thanks to a ward hunt and our friends the Mitchells who invited us over for Easter dinner and fun hunt.

Nathan really loves Heidi, and he really loves all her new "toys."
I decided that it was time to let Nathan figure out how to use a spoon, he was somewhat successful, I think that some of the yogurt actually made it in his mouth as opposed to his shirt.
Heidi is growing and has started smiling a little (we think, it may be gas, but we want to believe they are smiles.) Isn't she adorable.


Janadt.Huggins said...

What a fun Easter! Your baby girl is beautiful!

Curt and Amy said...

Oh, these are great pictures of your family! Heidi has grown so much! She's a doll!