Tuesday, November 29, 2011


We let Sam and Jacob take our Thanksgiving pictures this year which may have been a mistake. But here is the best of what we got out of them.
We had Alan's cousin Liz and her husband JD and their little girl Cami who is about a month younger than Nathan come visit. Also, we had my uncle Tracy from Dallas come down too. We are so blessed to have such great family living close enough to come visit.
Nathan, Cami, and Sam with his head cut off.
JD, Me, and Alan getting stuff cleaned up after dinner
Hanging out with the kids in the playroom, Alans feet, Cami, Liz, Jacobs back and JD's legs.

We forgot to take a picture with the Egberts but I remembered at the last minute to take one of the boys with Tracy. This made me realize that next time I think I will be taking control of picture taking and we can try letting the kids take pictures when they get a little older.
Thanks Tracy and the Egberts for visiting we had a blast!


Liz said...

we are so glad we could come. It was so fun to be there with you

Cakes4U said...

Loved to see all of the pictures from Thanksgiving on down. I love my Texas kids for sure. They are growing up so fast and look like they are having a great time of it.

Reid Family said...

So glad you guys had a great thanksgiving!! Love all the pictures! We are excited to come visit you all next year!

The Olsons said...

Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving! Your boys are getting so big! Very exciting about the new baby girl on the way!