Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sea World San Antonio

Alan has been working a lot lately and we decided to take a little mini vacation this week with the boys to Sea World so that we could spend some quality time together. They have been working really hard to get enough points on their point chart so that we could go.
Needless to say they were VERY excited about the trip.

Here are my guys waiting to watch the sea lion show.Jacob on the Carousel

Sammy on the Carousel
The dolphin and Beluga Whale show.
The big boys on the spinning fish ride. They got to ride more rides this time than they did two years ago when we went. They were pretty happy to get to ride the big boy rides.
Jacob on the mini Ferris Wheel, if you look really carefully behind the pink fence you can see Alan waiting with Sammy and Nathan.

The Shamu ride, this was a big hit last time we went and apparently is still their favorite. You can only see Alan in the back.
Watching the dolphins swim around.
Here is a random picture of Nathan enjoying a french fry, he is a big fan.
A fun picture of my boys hanging out with their blankets their grandma made for them.


rick and cheryl said...

Sea World is so fun! Glad your boys still like all the rides. With our kids it seemed more hit and miss with some. Good times. Also, so glad you are in your new house-always great.

K said...

I wish we lived closer to such a fun attraction. We made it there once and it was fantastic. I'm so glad you made it on a little getaway and everyone had fun. Relish the days when point charts work....I miss those days:)