Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Are you serious?

We put our kids to bed at about 7:30 and usually they play with their stuffed animals in their room quietly until they fall asleep, but recently they have been getting a little crazy and so I have had to set some limits. But last night I found out what my boys really think about what I tell them,
So this is the conversation that took place last night before bedtime.
Me: Now I don't want you guys dumping out your laundry basket to play with the basket like a boat, you guys get too crazy when you do that at bedtime
Jacob: Noooo, Mommy I have to play with it. (more screaming and moaning and whining following)
Me: I said no, you will just have to play another game
(at this point I left the room to go into Nathans room to gather up toys that had ended up there during the day and I heard this...)
Sam: Don't worry Jacob we can dump it out when Mommy leaves, she won't know.
(my mouth literally dropped open at this comment, he's 4 right?)
Me: Sam I can hear you you know and I will come and check to make sure you haven't dumped it out.

I just couldn't believe that he could be so devious, my sweet little Sam has a dark side to him. Hmm... well I did check on them later and they did obey me so I guess they must not be too bad yet, but it makes me wonder.


Sarah said...

oh my goodness! the little sly boy haha

Courtney said...

What clever little boys!
I have to divide my girls up at bedtime otherwise it gets way too crazy and the party goes on until midnight.

K said...

Ah yes, the naughty side. They are the perfect age to start getting into creative mischief. You won't be able to think of enough things to tell them not to do:) Good luck with that! Hugs.

Cakes4U said...

this really made me laugh. I remember hearing things like that. Sam, you little devil! We can't wait to see you all in a couple of weeks.

Stamp With Linz said...

My girls have started saying this like this behind my back too! Its a conspiracy. :) I was an angelic child- I NEVER did that! ;)