Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hogle Zoo

We had a really fun day last Saturday. Alan finally had a day off and so we took advantage of that and went to Hogle zoo. The boys really enjoyed seeing the animals, especially the monkeys, which they call bunky's because they get their m's and b's mixed up sometimes. After the zoo we went to temple square because there is a sister there who I knew from my mission. Unfortunately we never got a chance to see her, but we did go to the Beehive house. Alan had never had a tour there, so he got a short tour, thanks to Samuel and Jacob who were rather tired from the day and didn't want to be there anymore. But it was a fun day all together as a family.
Daddy and Jacob with the Zebras.
Mommy and Samuel with the Zebras.
Samuel and Jacob on a statue of tigers.
Jacob and Samuel with a statue of a gorilla.


Marisa said...

I like that last picture. ;) I love the Hogle Zoo!

Olivia said...

Looks like lots of fun!! We know how precious days off are with Dad!

K said...

We love the zoo. We haven't made it there in years. Glad you had some family time to do something fun.

Audge said...

wow your boys are big!! How old are they? It was like yesterday that i remember hearing from someone that you were even having babies! how are you guys?

fish family said...

So fun!! Look at your cute boys. Where are you guys at? I know with parents but what town? Hope all is well. Have a great day.